White Wine

€ 14,00 WELSCH RIESLING 0,75 l

Dry and very fruity on the nose - meadow herbs, ripe apples and exotic fruits on the palate. Typical character, lively but round and balanced; long fruity finish. Great choice for fish, pasta, chicken, asperagus, cheese ... a great allrounder for any occa- sion! A winner in catering!

€ 14,00 GRÜNER VELTLINER 0,75 l

Roduced of Austria’s most famous grape, this one and only Kosher Gruener Veltliner, is a very typical one as well with lots of spicy component and the fresh-peppery flavours in nose and on the palate. A great wine for light dishes, fish and any white meat.

€ 14,00 CHARDONNAY Classique 0,75 l

Dry quality wine, wonderful nose to dried fruits, honey and almonds. Mild and smooth but with wunderful balanced acidity and a hint of malolactic on the palate. Great structure, velvety, creamy, almost oily but powerful with great long balanced finish! Great choice for any meat- and fish dishes, also pasta, chicken and spicy food. Even as a red wine substitute!

SILVERMEDAL: Hong Kong Int. Wine Challenge HOFEX 2009

€ 14,00 PINOT GRIS 0,75 l

This 2012 is a great and typical Burgundy - Pinot Gris type! Good body with typical hints on the palate to almonds and dried fruits. This wine is dry and also for diabetics use. A great combination to be served with any fish-dishes, chicken or spicy mediterranean cuisine!

€ 24,00 EISWEIN Chardonnay 0,375 l

Harvested 20. Dec. 2009, at -8°C/ 17 F: we could do it again, the third kosher Icewine was harvested and until today we are the only winery in the world producing this frosty specialty as a Kosher wine! This wine is very fine in structure: in the nose Caramel and honey and candied fruits; on the palate many layers of different fruits, very complex and still very fruity. A smooth, elegant finish with a long sweet finish! A real great wine!



€ 14,00 MUSKAT OTTONEL 0,75 l

Muscat (mace) pure! A great fruity and fresh Muskat Ottonel Late harvest wine with a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity! The coronation of our Late Harvest line and one of our bestsellers in Asia, overseas (US & Canada) as well as Europe! This wine opens absolutely new culinaric aspects in combination with asian food, indian and oriental food as well as mediterranean cuisin especially french goose-liver-pâté or roasted goose-liver and our tra- ditionals like desserts and fruits!

Goldmedal Burgenland

Silvermedal AWC 2012

Silvermedal BTI 2012 (USA): 87 Pkt. "Best Buy"-Award

€ 26,00 Eiswein-GRAPPA 0,375 l

Our clear marc “Icewine Grappa” is a very specialty! Unique and made from destilling Icew- ine grapes! Alc. 40 % Vol., relatively smooth and velvety on the palate with a noticeable hint of Icewine (frozen flavour) and a fruity bouquet reminding on fresh grapes.

GOLDMEDAL - Terravino 2009, Mediterranean Wine Challenge

€ 29,00 T.B.A. Trocken Beeren Auslese SCHEUREBE 0,375 l

Our T.B.A. from Scheurebe grape is a very specialty in every vintage, but with 2000 we could make another unique innovation: the production of the first KOSHER T.B.A. in the world, which is one of the best noble sweet wines worldwide at the same time! Many, many layers of fruits in nose and on the palate: exotic ones like lychee, mango, maracuja and cocos as well as apricots, peaches and honey. Although this is not our highest concentrated noble sweet wine, this one has such a good balance of its acidities with its sugars, that it could be described nearly with the world “perfect” as well.

GOLDEN CUP WINNER, overall best wine of the Show, Vinordic, Sweden

WINE SPECTATOR: 90 points award 2001




DOUBLE GOLD AWARD: The Mediterranean Wine Challenge, Israel 2006

Red Wine

€ 14,00 QUEEN OF SHEBA – sweet 0,75 l

Our “Queen of Sheba” ia a real royal taste! Amazing spectrum of different red and black fruits, exotic and flowery as well. Very interesting layers! Great as aperitif, digistiv or together with desserts and fruits. Also interesting to match with asian cuisine, oriental food and even dark meats!


Goldmedaille AWC 2012

€ 9,00 BATSHEVA – KIDDUSH, sweet 0,75 l

Sweet, full-bodied and fruity Kiddush-wine; the sweetness combined with the body of this red wine make it a unique pleasure with balanced acidity and long finish. Used as Kiddush, together with desserts but due to the complexity our Batsheva is also a great and interesting opportunity to serve together with dark meats and spicy food, such as steaks!

€ 14,00 ZWEIGELT Classique 0,75 l

Nice ruby colour with fruity nose to cherries and sour-cherries. On the palate dry but with good balance and fine tannin structure; fine toasting character and many different black fruits on the palate. Good lenght. A great, uncomplicated, easy-going Zweigelt: specially served with any spicy meat-dishes! This wine contains less than <0,1 mg/l of histamines.

91 Pkt. GOLDMEDAILLE BTI 2012 (USA): "Best Buy"-Award

€ 24,00 PINOT NOIR Reserve 0,75 l

This is a great Pinot Noir (a grape from the burgundy family), which was stored for 30 months in small french Barrique casks. This wine has everything you might expect from a Pinot: a good body with lots of different layers combined with smooth tannins and the secondary fruits on the palate; with a long, smooth finish. Matches all kinds of meat dishes. Beverage Testing Institute, USA: “Deep cherry black color. Spicy baked pickle, dark choc- olate, moist earth, and cherry tart aromas. A soft buoyant entry leads to a tangy, dry-yet fruity medium body of raspberry and cherry tarts, cloves, cocoa dusted citrus peels, and silt. Finishes with a crisp tangy berry, citrus, and river stone fade. A lively and very fun pinot with an interesting spicy oak character.”

91 Pkt. A LA CARTE, Gourmetmagazin (1/2011) - "Die Königsklasse - Pinot Noir" - TOP 20

€ 22,00 DORNRÖSCHEN 0,75 l

A great Cuvée! Full-bodied with many layers and hints of aromes: Licorice, almonds, marzi- pan (rum-grape), cassis, vanilla, figs and dried plums ... decant it!

Goldmedaille AWC 2012

€ 24,00 KASHMIR 0,75 l

Unsere Kashmir-Our Kashmir-Cuvée is made in a certain “Bordeaux-Style”, but by having a certain percent- age of the Austrian grapes Rosler and Rathay, it is still a distinctive wine with its independent character. This wine is very fine structured, full-bodied and easy-going, although it only has 1.4 g/l residual sugar. Athough it is stored for 36 months in small oak casks (Barrique), many primary fruits are still in the nose and on the palate. A good balance and ripe tannins in the finish, make it a perfect choice for spicy meat dishes!

Goldmedaille AWC 2012

€ 14,00 VELVET 0,75 l

Our semi-dry “VELVET” is a specialty: because of its smooth and velvety appearance on the palate. From the start, this wine could find many lovers, as we could manage to have both: a semi-dry wine which is still complex but fruity. From the start, this was a fast-selling-item which found many lovers and regular consumers already! This wine is perfect with all kinds of meats and sauces as well as pasta! Try this wine espe- cially, if you could never find your personal love to other DRY red wines! This wine contains less than >0,1 mg/l of histamines. Result “not detectable”. Therefore it might be a great choice for persons suffering from an allergy to enjoy wine drinking again!

SILVERMEDAL 2010 Burgerland